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The Northeast Longhorns is an emerging AAU baseball program which is affiliated with Anderson Baseball Academy in Holliston, MA. After coaching AAU baseball teams, we have witnessed the pros and cons of other programs. At Anderson Baseball Academy, we’ve decided to start the Northeast Longhorns to create an AAU program with different goals and agendas than most other AAU programs. Instead of focusing on playing as many games as possible, the Northeast Longhorns will primarily focus on baseball training and skill development. We will then take that development and apply it by playing an AAU baseball schedule.

When baseball players are playing games they are in performance mode. Players can’t fully be in preparation or development mode when they are playing 40-50 games with no training/practicing. Preparation and development at the 10-14 year old level is VITAL to the long term success of a baseball player, and by constantly playing and performing in games, many players fail to commit to development.

This is why we’ve developed an AAU baseball program that will play a competitive AAU schedule and also provide a training program that will help players develop and advance to the higher levels. Through our experiences in youth baseball, we have learned that training needs to be exceptional for players to ultimately have success as they continue toward high school..

The off season and in season training with the Northeast Longhorns will not be your typical baseball training. We don’t follow the typical baseball mantra of “getting our reps in”. The goal of our training is to slightly exceed the demands it will be placed under during a game. When baseball coaches talk about “getting your reps in” we’re talking about a large quantity of groundballs, swings, throws, etc. that lack focus, intensity, and purpose after a while.

The Northeast Longhorns training will have a focus and purpose in everything that we do starting with our drills, live swings, mound work, and strength and conditioning. There will certainly be a large quantity of repetitions, but our training will be focused and measured every session making it significantly higher in quality. .

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